Christian Education

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The Center of Deliverance Christian Education & Training Ministry seeks to promote a learning atmosphere that is creative, practical, enjoyable, effective, and scripturally based in a way that is conducive to sound teaching principles, maximum student participation and attendance where learners and teachers are enthusiastic and comfortable accepting challenges so that we stimulate a desire for spiritual growth which will build confidence in learners and teachers and a greater motivation for lifelong learning.

Sunday School:

Sunday School classes provide age-appropriate Bible lessons and learning activities that are both fun and spiritually rich. Students learn about the character of God, the work of Christ, and the means of living in right relationship to Him. This is accomplished by presenting the whole council of God and demonstrating to students the unity, consistency, and sufficiency of the Scriptures for their lives.
 Sunday School Lessons:
APRIL • Restorative Faith
Apr 17  A Sound Mind  (Luke 8:26-36)
Apr 24  A Family Reunion (Luke 15:11-24)
MAY • The Fullness of Faith
May 1   Increased Faith (Luke 17:1-10)
May 8   Saying Thanks  (Luke 17:11-19)
May 15  Humble Faith  (Luke 18:9-14)
May 22 Childlike Faith (Luke 18:15-17; Mark 10:16)
May 29 Joyous Faith  (Luke 19:1-10)
JUNE • Judgment and Salvation
Jun 5     The Day of the Lord (Zeph 1:4-6, 14-16,2:3)
Jun 12   The Consequences of Disobedience  (Zeph 3:6-8)
Jun 19   Assurances/Joy for the Faithful (Zeph 3:9-14, 20)
Jun 26   Ignoring God's Plain Truth (Rom 1:18-23, 28-32)
 JULY • A World Gone Wrong
Jul 3     Ignoring God's Truth within Us (Rom 2:17-29)
Jul 10   We Were All Under Sin's Power (Rom 3:9-20)
Jul 17   God Set Things Right (Rom 3:21-31)
Jul 24   Not Without Hope (Rom 5:1-11)
Jul 31   Death Becomes Life (Rom 6: 1-4, 12-14, 17-23)
AUGUST Life on God's Terms
Aug 7     Safe in God's Love    (Rom 8:28-39)
Aug 14    Living Under God's Mercy   (Rom 9:6-18)
Aug 21   God Prunes and Grafts (Rom 11:11-24)
Aug 28   Love Fulfills the Law (Rom 12:1-2, 13:8-10)

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Center of Deliverance Empowerment Institute Adult Bible Study:

Bible study is essential to our Christian walk. As we study God's Word, our personal relationship with God and others grow deeper and deeper. It empowers us to live for the Lord in every aspect of our lives. Our ministry is committed to personal discipleship of all of our members, both young and old. We have fashion curriculums for Adults and Youth in order to inspire self-study and personal spiritual growth.
We are excited about the start of our new Adult Bible Study Series titled “The Story”

The Story is an abridged, chronological Bible Study that will introduce you to 31 bible-based stories that reads like a novel. In each story, we will introduce you to biblical characters and their life experiences that you can relate to in some form or fashion that will empower and equip you as a believer to be victorious in this present world. We believe that as a student of this series, you will understand God’s Word more fully and engage with it more easily.

The Story brings the Bible to life, the broad scope of God’s message will penetrate hearts. People of all ages will be swept up in the story of God’s love and God’s plan for their lives.

Why not Plan to be a part of this remarking, God-inspired, Spirit-led, Bible-based, and life-changing time of study….Mark your calendar and we will see you there!

Upcoming Class Schedule:
11 May 16  The Story Introduction
18 May 16 Jurisdiction Meeting
25 May 16 Lesson 1 - Creation: The Beginning Of Life As We Know It
1 Jun 16 Lesson 2 - God Builds a Nation
8 Jun 16 Lesson 3 - Joseph: From Slave To Deputy Pharaoh
15 Jun 16 Lesson 4 - Deliverance
22 Jun 16 Leadership Empowerment: Foundations for Discipleship
29 Jun 16 Pastoral Practical Living
6 Jul 16 Lesson 6 - Wandering
13 Jul 16 Holy Convocation 2016
20 Jul 16 Lesson 7 - The Battle Begins
27 Jul 16 Leadership Empowerment
3 Aug 16 Lesson 8 - A Few Good Men …And Women
10 Aug 16 Lesson 9 - The Faith Of A Foreign Woman
17 Aug 16 Lesson 10 - Standing Tall, Falling Hard
24 Aug 16 Leadership Empowerment: Teaching for Life Transformation
31 Aug 16 Pastoral Practical Living
7 Sep 16 Lesson 11 - From Shepherd To King
14 Sep 16 Lesson 12 - The Trials Of A King
21 Sep 16 Lesson 13 - The King Who Had It All
28 Sep 16 Leadership Empowerment: Teaching as Ministry
5 Oct 16 Church Anniversary
12 Oct 16 Lesson 14 - A Kingdom Torn In Two
19 Oct 16 Lesson 15 - God’s Messengers
26 Oct 16 Leadership Empowerment: Personal Spiritual Development
2 Nov 16 Lesson 16 - The Beginning OF The End (of the Kingdom of Israel)
9 Nov 16 Lesson 17 - The Kingdom’s Fall
16 Nov 16 Lesson 18 - Daniel In Exile
23 Nov 16 Leadership Empowerment: Church Polity and Governance
30 Nov 16 Pastoral Practical Living
7 Dec 16 Lesson 19 - The Return Home
14 Dec 16 Lesson 20 - The Queen Of Beauty And Courage
21 Dec 16 Lesson 21 - Rebuilding The Walls
28 Dec 16 Leadership Empowerment: Working within COD


Center of Deliverance Empowerment Institute Youth Bible Study:
Our God is extremely creative - He is our Potter that molds & shapes us!  His Word is filled with creative stories & parables that teach His truth!  God reveals Himself in and through His creation and also through His Word!  So simple that even a child can understand and be transformed by Christ life-changing message. Our Youth Bible Study will engage your child, regardless of the ages, to explore a long-lasting relationship with Christ in an exciting manner.
Sunshine Band 2016 Bible Study Curriculum
Apr 20  Review “Bee” Attitudes
Apr 27  Respect - 10 Commandments Deut 5:16
May Theme “Bee” Attitudes
May 4     Servant's heart - Jesus Washes Disciples' Feet
                Mark 9:35
May 11  Gratitude - Ten Lepers Ps 118:1
May 18   Gentle - Jesus Takes Care of His Sheep Ps 23:1
May 25   Review “Bee” Attitudes
June Theme “Bee” Attitudes
Jun 1    Prep for Youth Rally
Jun 8    Prep for Youth Rally
Jun 15  Prep for Youth Rally
Jun 22   Kindness -Through the Roof Matt 7:12
Jun 29   Responsible - Parable of Talents Col 3:23
July Theme “Bee” Attitudes
Jul 6    Prep for Holy Convocation
Jul 13  Prep for Holy Convocation
Jul 20  Patience - Joseph in Jail Ps 37:7
Jul 27  Love - Jesus' Birth John 3:16
August Theme “Bee” Attitudes
Aug 3    Review “Bee” Attitudes
Aug 10  Review “Bee” Attitudes
Aug 17  Belt of Truth Eph 6:11
Aug 24  Breastplate of Righteousness, Gospel of Peace
               Mark 15:16
Aug  31  Shield of faith Eph 2:8
September Theme Armor of God
Sep 7     Helmet of salvation, Sword of the Spirit
               Romans 10:9
Sep 14   Father in Heaven, Holy Name Matt 6:9
Sep 21   Prep for Pastoral Appreciation and Church
Sep 28   Prep for Pastoral Appreciation and Church
October Theme Lord’s Prayer
Oct 5      Pastoral Appreciation and Church Anniversary
Oct 12    Kingdom Come, Will be Done Matt 6:9-10
Oct 19    Daily Bread, Forgive Matt 6:9-12
Oct 26    Temptation, Deliverance Matt 6:9-13
November Theme Bible
Nov 2    Review Lord’s Prayer
Nov 9    What is the Bible? II Tim 3:16a
Nov 16  Old Testament Ps 119:105
Nov 23  New Testament I John 3:16
Nov 30  Review
December Theme Salvation& Wordless Book
Dec 7     Prep for Christmas Service
Dec 14   Prep for Christmas Service
Dec 21   Prep for Christmas Service
Dec 28   Nicodemus Romans 10:9/ Wordless Book
                John 14:2
 Purity Class 2016 Bible Study Curriculum
Apr 20  Time Alone with Jesus
Apr 27  Why God should be glorified? Psalm 100:3
May 4     It’s what’s inside 1Corinthians 11:11
May 11  Time Alone with Jesus
May 18   You Make the Call Exodus 22:12-14
May 25   Time Alone with Jesus
Jun 1    Prep for Youth Revival
Jun  8   Prep for Youth Revival
Jun 15  Prep for Youth Revival
Jun 22  Haven’t I met you someplace before?   
              2 Timothy 2:15
Jun 29   Church: Its Meaning and Origin Matthew 16:18
Jul 6     Prep For Holy Convocation
Jul 13   Prep For Holy Convocation
Jul 20   It’s Just One Look 1John 2:16
Jul 27   Combating Porn Philippians 4:8
Aug 3   Rap Session about the 1st 6mos lessons
Aug 10 Gates; (With a Message) John 1:29
Aug 17  Time Alone with Jesus
Aug 24  Corinth: Corruption Not Paul’s Problem
               Acts 18:1-17
Aug 31   Time alone with Jesus
September Theme Armor of God
Sep  7      Study-Is it Still Important Proverbs 15:14
Sep 14     Community Service James 1:22
Sep  21    Prep for Pastoral Appreciation/Church
Sep 28    Prep for Pastoral Appreciation/Church
Oct 5       Pastoral Appreciation/ Church Anniversary
Oct 12     God’s way-Creation Genesis 1:1, Hebrews 11:3
Oct 19     Time Alone with Jesus
Oct 26    Creation or Evolution- Does it Matter?
                Jeremiah 10:12
Nov 2        Anger, Resentment, Hatred Luke 6:22
Nov 9        Time Alone with Jesus
Nov 16      Parent Exodus 20:12
Nov  23     Time Alone with Jesus
Nov  30    The “Hotline” Philippians 4:6
December Theme Salvation& Wordless Book
Dec 7       Prep for Christmas Service
Dec 14     Prep for Christmas Service
Dec  21    Prep for Christmas Service
Dec 28     Informal Dramatization- A Skit 1Corinthians 13


Center of Deliverance Leadership Empowerment Institute:

This portion of the institute exists as a “leadership training tool” for the sole purpose of leading new members from initial introduction to COD ministry to maturing as a fully functioning, committed and dedicated Christian disciples. A Christian disciple is a person who accepts and assists in the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ. Conducted every 4th Wed Night of the month, this is a Certificate granting school for local congregation only.

The curriculum content provides the knowledge base necessary for an individual to move from:
  1. A potential member…
  2. To the time they receive “the right hand of fellowship” (New Member status)…
  3. To full Discipleship…an effective leader in advancing the Kingdom of God
 (Level 1, 1st Year)
(Level 2, 2nd year)
Ministry Organization Church Polity and Governance Working within COD
Biblical and Theological Foundations Old and New Testament Review
(How to Study Bible)
The Five-Fold Ministry
Personal Spiritual Development
(Salvation, Sanctification, Holiness)
Discipleship Foundations for Discipleship Spiritual Disciplines
Ministry Leadership Introduction to Mentoring Matters Mentoring Practicum
(Group sessions)
Mentoring Seminar
(Mentoring Supervision)
Mentoring Seminar
(Mentoring Supervision)
Teaching and Learning in Ministry Teacher as Minister Educational Leadership
Teaching for Life Transformation Self-Directed Learning
COD Credentials Preparation for Credentials COD Credentialed Ministry

Mentoring Matters Program:

The COD mentorship program that solidified the mentoring process grounded in Christian doctrine, history, Biblical and theological truths where in a relationship is established and maintained between two people, one with more life experience and wisdom than the other, with the desired outcome of achieving the maximum potential in the individual with less life experience.


Vacation Bible School (VBS):

Vacation Bible School, or VBS, is a fun-filled program that COD offers during the springtime and/or summer months to connect with the children and families in the Waipahu community. Vacation Bible School is an outreach meant to bring in children who don’t normally attend church and to teach them the gospel. As an evangelistic tool, VBS helps churches fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).

Center of Deliverance School of Ministry:
We are in the developmental phase of our formal Bible School and Seminary organized by Center of Deliverance to prepare Christian Ministry workers both credentialed and none credentialed. Center of Deliverance is an equipping church teaching Christians at all levels of maturity how to use their gifts, talents and skills to advance the Kingdom of God as instructed in Matthew 28:18-20, the Great Commission. The courses will be designed to be completed within a 24 month or less time period. Completion of the courses or satisfactory demonstration of content mastery will be a requirement for all members of COD church.