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Budget and Finance
 Led By: 

The Budget and Finance Ministry purpose is to properly manage the funds received into this ministry.
Office/Admin Operations
 Led By: Sis Parsha Lopez

Office/Admin Operations has an important role to play in the church family. This Team is responsible for learning the heart of the Senior Pastor while aligning themselves with the mission and vision of Center of Deliverance COGIC while carrying out numerous admin task and responsibilities. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, light administrative duties (i.e. answering phones, filing and typing).

Information/ Media Technology
 Led By: 

The primary function of Information/ Media Technology Ministry is to oversee the church‘s media production and distribution, maintain quality control with the computer hardware and software devices, and update/refresh the computers throughout the facility when needed. In addition, they are responsible for updating and maintaining the church‘s website. Finally, they are charged with leveraging any current media technology to enhance the presentation of the gospel and further the Senior Pastor’s vision.

Human Resources
 Led By:

This Ministry coordinates all Human Capital requirements (Paid and Volunteer) need in support of the COD Ministry.

Deacons Board
 Led By: Deacon Langston/Deacon Rodgers/Deacon Dennis Ferreira

The role of the deacon is mainly to be a servant. The church needs deacons to provide logistical and material support so that the elders can focus on the Word of God and prayer.

Trustee Board
 Led By: 

The Trustee Board is a ministry of caring for the management of all Church Assets. They are to hold in “trust” legal documents of property and other business.

Episcopal Adjutants
 Led By:  Deacon Willie Rodgers

Due to the unique nature of our Senior Pastor being a Jurisdictional Prelate (Bishop), assignment of Episcopal Adjutants are in order. The purpose of the Episcopal Adjutants is to assist Bishop during the church services, travel with the Bishop on speaking engagements and provide transportation when needed. These are individuals who are specifically chosen by the Bishop.