Led By: Min Sheila Rodgers

Prayer Warriors:
 Led By: 

The purpose for Prayer Warriors are to pray for and intercede with the Pastor as he travels to visit the sick and the shut-ins. We travel with the Pastor on speaking engagements to intercede for and with him as he ministers to others. Prayer Warriors are members who know the call of God for prayer in their lives. They also know the need for the breaking of strongholds in the lives of others. They are constant and dedicated to prayer and their lives reflect the image of Christ. Prayer Warriors meet on Wednesday Night at 6:00 p.m. here at the church and on Saturday at midnight via telephone for “Midnight Oil of Prayer”.

Street/Urban Evangelism:
 Led By:

The purpose of this ministry is to train and prepare a team of persons who will be ready to go into the streets from house to house and also during special festivals, parades, etc., to witness of the saving power of Jesus Christ and inform the city of Center of Deliverance Church.

Nursing Home and Homeless Shelters:
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The purpose of this ministry is to show compassion to residents in nursing homes and to those in the homeless shelter.

Prison/ Jail Ministry:
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The purpose of this ministry is to visit with people who are incarcerated. Provide ministry to all inmates through prayer, ministering of the Word, and giving away Bibles. Encourage inmates who are being released to become a faithful part of a ministry that teaches the full gospel.

Altar Workers:
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The purpose of this ministry is to minister directly to those in their moment of decision to accept Christ; reassurance of salvation; receiving the Holy Spirit and/or receiving healing, emanating love and reflecting assurance and confidence in God.

Follow-Up Ministry:
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The purpose of this ministry is to ensure that anyone that visits or joins Center of Deliverance Church is fully aware of all that COD offers and feels welcome and cared for.